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Event Class Location Start date
IOM Club Championship HCP H2Champion Lakes, WA AUS1/03/2020
2020 DF65 Australian ChampionshipAustin Lakes, WA AUS6/03/2020
2020 NSW IOM GP Rd 1 Susan McAnna Memorial TrophyKogarah Bay, NSW AUS7/03/2020
2020 DF95 Australian ChampionshipAustin Lakes, WA AUS8/03/2020
Ten Rater Club Championship SCR H2Champion Lakes, WA AUS8/03/2020
IOM Club Racing (SCR)Champion Lakes, WA AUS8/03/2020
2020 VIC IOM Regional Eddie Kennedy Rd 1Patterson Lakes, VIC AUS8/03/2020
2020 WA Bink Frayne A Class MemorialJackadder Lake, Woodlands, WA AUS14/03/2020
2020 SA IOM Whitrod TrophyPatawolonga, Glenelg, SA AUS15/03/2020
2020 NSW A Class GP Rd 1Carss Park, NSW AUS15/03/2020
IOM Club Championship SCR H3Champion Lakes, WA AUS15/03/2020
2020 Central QLD IOM ChampionshipHervey Bay, QLD AUS21/03/2020
2020 WA IOM Great Southern ChampionshipAlbany, WA AUS21/03/2020
2020 DF95 InvitationalAlbany, WA AUS21/03/2020
2020 NSW Marblehead GP R1Kogarah Bay, NSW AUS22/03/2020
2020 VIC Marblehead Regional Bill Palmer Rd 1Edgewater, VIC AUS22/03/2020
IOM Club Racing (SCR)Champion Lakes, WA AUS29/03/2020
2020 TAS Marblehead Class John Emms MemorialMontrose Bay, TAS AUS29/03/2020
2020 South Queensland DF95 ChampionshipEmerald Lakes, QLD AUS29/03/2020
2020 NSW IOM GP Rd 2Dunmore Estates, NSW AUS4/04/2020
2020 SA IOM State ChampionshipHarts Mill, Port Adelaide, SA AUS4/04/2020
2020 SA A Class Stanley CupSchofields Dam, Paris Creek, SA AUS4/04/2020
2020 TAS IOM Southern Tasmanian ChampionshipMontrose Bay, TAS AUS5/04/2020
2020 WA IOM South Metro ChampionshipWaikiki, WA AUS18/04/2020
2020 NSW 10R GP Rd2 Mazda TrophyKanahooka Point, Dapto, NSW AUS18/04/2020
2020 WA DF95 State ChampionshipAustin Lakes, WA AUS19/04/2020
2020 WA Marblehead Shootout!Maylands, WA AUS25/04/2020
2020 QLD A Class Invitation GP R1Lake Samsonvale, QLD AUS26/04/2020
2020 NSW A Class GP Rd 2Dunmore Lakes, Dunmore, NSW AUS2/05/2020
2020 VIC Marblehead State ChampionshipEdgewater, VIC AUS2/05/2020
2020 QLD South Queensland Laser ChampionshipEmerald Lakes, QLD AUS3/05/2020
2020 WA South West IOM ChampionshipBusselton, WA AUS9/05/2020
2020 WA IOM Shootout!Maylands, WA AUS11/05/2020
2020 NSW Marblehead GP R2Dunmore Lakes, Dunmore, NSW AUS16/05/2020
2020 WA 10R Shootout!Maylands, WA AUS16/05/2020
2020 QLD South Queensland Ten Rater Championship GP R1Emerald Lakes, QLD AUS17/05/2020
2020 NSW IOM GP Rd 3Kanahooka Point, Dapto, NSW AUS23/05/2020
2020 QLD North Queensland Marblehead ChampionshipTownsville , QLD AUS23/05/2020
2020 WA Marblehead Shootout!Champion Lakes, WA AUS24/05/2020
2020 Southern Tasmanian Marblehead ChampionshipRisdon Brook, TAS AUS24/05/2020
2020 WA Marblehead State ChampionshipAustin Lakes, WA AUS31/05/2020
2020 NSW DF65 GP Rd 2 Southern RoundDunmore Lakes, Dunmore, NSW AUS6/06/2020
2020 QLD South Queensland DF65 ChampionshipEmerald Lakes, QLD AUS7/06/2020
2020 WA A Class Eric Fisher TrophyJackadder Lake, Woodlands, WA AUS7/06/2020
2020 International Ten Rater Class World ChampionshipWest Kirby, GBR9/06/2020
2020 QLD South Queensland A Class ChampionshipBanora Point (NSW), QLD AUS13/06/2020
2020 WA DF65 Invitational RegattaSouth Perth, WA AUS14/06/2020
2020 International Marblehead Class World ChampionshipWest Kirby, GBR14/06/2020
2020 Eddie Cowell Perpetual Trophy RegattaRegatta Waters Lake, Oxenford, QLD AUS20/06/2020
2020 NSW IOM Inter-club (Handicap Event)Teralba, NSW AUS21/06/2020
2020 TAS IOM Mid Winter ChallengeRisdon Brook, TAS AUS21/06/2020
2020 NSW A Class GP Rd 3Kanahooka Point, Dapto, NSW AUS27/06/2020
2020 NSW 10R GP Rd3 Teralba, NSW AUS4/07/2020
2020 QLD South Queensland Marblehead ChampionshipLake Samsonvale, QLD AUS4/07/2020
2020 NSW 10R Inter-club EventTeralba, NSW AUS5/07/2020
2020 VIC IOM Regional Eddie Kennedy Rd 2Karkarook Park, VIC AUS5/07/2020
2020 NSW DF65 State ChampionshipKirribilli, NSW AUS11/07/2020
2020 WA IOM Shootout!Maylands, WA AUS11/07/2020
2020 WA IOM Perth ClassicJackadder Lake, Woodlands, WA AUS12/07/2020
2020 NSW Marblehead GP R2Mount Penang Gardens, Kariong, NSW AUS18/07/2020
2020 QLD North Queensland DF95 ChampionshipTownsville , QLD AUS18/07/2020
2020 QLD Laser ChampionshipEmerald Lakes, QLD AUS19/07/2020
2020 WA DF95 Shootout!Austin Lakes, WA AUS19/07/2020
2020 International One Metre Australian ChampionshipYarrawonga, VIC AUS22/07/2020
2020 QLD Ten Rater InvitationalBanora Point (NSW), QLD AUS25/07/2020
2020 WA DF65 Shootout!Austin Lakes, WA AUS26/07/2020
2020 NSW A Class GP Rd 4Dunmore Lakes, Dunmore, NSW AUS1/08/2020
2020 WA 10R Shootout!Maylands, WA AUS8/08/2020
2020 TAS Marblehead State RegattaRisdon Brook, TAS AUS9/08/2020
2020 QLD DF65 Club Series R2Springfield, QLD AUS15/08/2020
2020 SA RC Laser State ChampionshipMawson Lakes, SA AUS15/08/2020
2020 WA A Class State ChampionshipAustin Lakes, WA AUS16/08/2020
2020 European IOM ChampionshipOrbetello, ITA2/10/2020
2020 Australian RC Laser ChampionshipEmerald Lakes, Gold Coast, QLD AUS3/10/2020
2020 IOM Oceania Regional ChampionshipChristchurch, CAN NZL2/12/2020
TEST EventTiranna Way, West Lakes, SA AUS24/02/2021

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